Flea Markets in Truth or Consequences…Opportunity?

I was talking with my friend Becca yesterday about art and opportunities here in this area, and found out that there is a weekly flea market in T or C ( Truth or Consequences NM). Anyone can set up a table for $5 and sell whatever. A good way to learn about the community and offer our skills. on a regular basis. No need for the trappings of yesteryear in Plano TX that turned out to be so expensive and difficult. I have the remains of several projects that would be nice to sell, my pursettas, maybe a rock or two some prints. Of course at events like this you don’t expect to be able to sell anything for much more than 5-10$$, or less, but might be fun to do it together with my Minnesota pal Becca. She is the information seeker, she knows everyone here and keeps me up to date of the comings and goings in the park. She makes beautiful silk scarves and jewelry that she wouldn’t mind selling. I passed by the flea market last Saturday but didn’t stop to see what was what, there were plenty of cars parked around the site and a small crowd of people shopping. I should have stopped but didn’t I will this Saturday & Sunday.

Did I tell you that my neighbor Robert has moved to T or C? He got a great offer to work in one of the best hot springs hotels( river bend) in town. Alas. He will be missed but he says he’ll come back now and again to help me with this or that, I hope he does because I still need help with this and that. We may do some caulking today on the outside of GIGI. My babe needs a face lifting bad to match her lovey interior (smile)

I’ve hardly gone anywhere yet in my Smart Babe, I have so much to do here, painting, sewing my privacy covers for the cab and more painting. As my living space includes the cab it leaves me open for viewing unless I close it off completely. Instead I have covered the windows with reflectix which is used to deflect the heat or cold, like insulation. and covered the reflectix with Indian fabric, still working on a way to get them to stay up and in place, the magnets aren’t working out yet But I have a plan, I’ll figure something out, meanwhile they are taped in place, and yes I covered the chair too but it’s not finished either. Love the fabric!

Am I getting close to being over whelmed by patterns? Nah still loving them.

Good news, Robert was just here and solved two new problems for me. The light in my bathroom now works and he was able to re-ignite my hot water heater. It’s windy today, I hope the pilot doesn’t go out again. We may have to see why this happens is there a opening in the cabinet door to allow the wind in? We have a wind advisory, I just got a red flag warning in Caballo, where I am. Never heard of a red flag advisory. but the wind is shaking my RV and the chimes are active. Glad I’m not on the road in either my Smart babe or GIGI today.

in turmoil and feelin’testy

Every day a new mini-crisis. that’s life in an old RV, (actually people say with even a new RV you can expect problems). I should just expect it so then I’m not disappointed when the hot water heater isn’t heating. I had hoped that the wind had somehow blown out the pilot light, this has happened before, the winds here are brutal. Every time I have to re-light it I have misgivings and takes several tries. Didn’t work this pm so no hot water. I’ll try again in the morning and hope it gets lit and I don’t have a bigger problem, like it’s worn out and needs to be replaced, it is one of the few things I haven’t replaced yet.

I have no light in the bathroom, both lights went out at the same time and replacing the bulbs hasn’t worked, so I got down on the floor on my belly with my magnifying glass to check the fuses and found that when I pressed on the fuses one of them showed a red light, it was accidental that I found pressing on the fuses as a way to determine the fuse was dead, I had no indication without pressing that anything was wrong, I took that to mean it is burnt out so with my bayonet I pulled it out of it’s place and tried to replace it with the another 15 v fuse, I lack the skill to easily replace the fuse, took me some time to get it in place where it needed to go, and ………lights still out. So now I wonder what goes with the fuse that I changed?? And did it need changing? Was I wrong?

I guess I’ll google it, that’s how I learned how to use the caulk gun in the shower. One wall in the shower seems to be made of cardboard and it is torn. I wanted to try to fix it, I have a caulk gun. I should have u-tubed directions before I started but after works too, you just make a bigger mess. I had a big sticky mess but you can see how delicate my caulk looks on my white wall. I guess I’ll paint over it tomorrow, should be dry by then!

It’s these silly problems that keep me entertained, that and spelling.

The tote that I ordered from zazzle is here. I like it, it’s huge and very well made. I’ll use it at the farmers market next week in Tor C thttp://zazzle.com/othonk