Having a Down Day

It happens.

I should be having so much fun testing out and learning my new car but here I am flat in bed due to that old monster that I have avoided for so long.

The pain gets me down and then I feel depressed and a little angry. My car sits out there lonely and neglected covered in dust from the recent wind storms we’ve had and I have no energy to give ita good wash, I keep saying I’ll be better tomorrow then tomorrow comes and I’m still hurting. Everything feels neglected, including myself. Despite all this I’m still happy about my choices, I just need to get over this flare. Maybe I need to allot time to being sick so it doesn’t depress me, just take it as it is, something to live with and get over, because it does get over in a few days up to a week and then I’m good again. I’d been thinking that because I’ve been so good that I must be in remission and could decrease my meds. I still want o try but when this episode is over and I’m back to normal. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow so I can get up and out of my stupor. My IC gallery

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