I bought a Smart Car

I hope it was a smart thing to do.

It’s noisy.

The wind blows it around,

I dislike the wind. It’s a tiny bit scary when the wind blows thru the mountains

I’m having a heavy wind experience here in NM. But the drive back from El Paso TX to NM via the Chamizol Nat’l Park was so mind -blowing – beautiful ……..

the sky so dark with white and gray clouds against the blue black mountains at dusk

so incredibly unspeakably beautiful,

I have no words to describe how they made me feel, so fortunate to experience, I wanted so badly to photograph what I saw, but I could only quickly glance over and over at the sky while keeping my hands firmly on the wheel unable to pull over to take a foto. yelling OMG, OMG keeping my speed steady in the wind was all I could handle missing the opportunity to record this drive, this sky, and ultimately this car.

Meanwhile back to the car.

If you don’t already know, this car was built in France it says so on the door, it is a manufactured by Daimler and is a product of Mercedes Benz. They say it has unique characteristics which I have to learn.

This worries me a bit. Repair cost and such

I just wanted a small car. Something I can tow without being scared I’ll drop it or lose it.

In fact if I can’t get comfortable towing it, I ‘ll sell it back to Carmax or someone when I leave here, which looks like maybe in July.

It’s cute, no doubt about that.

It drives hard and noisy not a very comfortable long distance ride, but its not built for long drives, more for city driving. I’m hoping I’ll grow to love it as I do my GIGI. I’ll need a name for it, french name maybe, pretty sure a girl name.


I’ll let her grow a bit before naming her, who knows she could end up being a he.

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