Somebody on FB Bought a Birds of Panama Cell Phone Cover from Zazzle today!

Cool. So maybe I should do more show and tell on Facebook. I would but sometimes I can’t get it done right, it confuses me. I’ll work on it. I ordered a Birds of Panama tote today. I have not ordered a tote on zazzle before. I’ll report on the quality when it arrives. I really like the red tote ..pictured below

This is another option to replace plastic bags cluttering our oceans, harming out birds.

Not much happening here today, it wasn’t too windy but the breezes are a bit nippy, I sat outside for a while to work on my quilt blasting my music outside with my new speakers.

Like this cute tote? From My favorite painting, I made painting this for kids, but I like it on a tote for me. Many options many items

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