This may be too Boring to read……..really

Today I overslept.

How, you may wonder can I over -sleep in this life of leisure? Today I was going to a watercolor class with my friend Beca at 8:45, usually I have no activities and can wake up whenever but today I needed to be ready to go, she was driving and I heard a honk while I was putting my upper in, that takes some time and can’t be rushed cuz the glue could fail and there is nothing more annoying or embarrassing then loose teeth. Finally ready to go in record time and off we went.

You know this fridge is not frost free! damn we get used to those simple conveniences. Bought lots of vegetables and fruit, now I’ll have to prepare them and eat them before they spoil, I have a recipe for my hotpot thingy to make meatloaf and potatoes together and I’ll try it maybe tomorrow. maybe I’ll invite Robert, I owe him a meal or two.

I’ve never lived anywhere as dry as it is here, I feel like my skin is wrinkly and dry. I don’t like it.

I’m liking this area of New Mexico. I may stay here for quite awhile, the town of truth or Consequences has several good art galleries and there is probably much more to this town than you see from the main street. There is one stop light. One. I drove today from T or C and only 2 cars passed by me in town! There are no passing signs along much of the road to Truth or Consequence thru the hills, but it’s not a problem because there is no traffic it was about noon when I came home, it’s a nice drive.. When I get my car I’ll be able to check out the town better, the main drag has a lot of closed shops, little foot traffic. But there are several hot springs where I expect to enjoy a nice bath soon.

I bought myself a box of valentine chocolates today but I didn’t buy flowers, a simple pleasure I insist on now and then. Can’t wait til indoor plants become available…at Walmart… I want to hang a few green plants in here because everything is brown, of course it is winter so I’m hopeful that Fall will bring some color to the land.

This may be too boring. So I added some flowers.

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