Old Friends Are Best Friends, New Friends Are Grand!

Sometimes you just need an old friend’s help.

I love my RV but she’s old, needs care and redesigning some aspects of her will improve   my Quality of Life. Very Important to me.

My problem was keeping things where I put them while I am driving.  Everything tended to crash about making driving a very scary affair, imagine you hear stuff sliding about and book cases tipped over and you have to turn a corner and stuff moves again.  Turning corners is the worst! Of course I did use bunggy cords where I had a way to connect them to something solid.  Velcro failed me as did the white hooks I invested in so many devices to hold stuff but nothing worked that well until Jose came and  solved the problem.  I’m not sure but we (I) may have to face a problem that is the result of solving problem number one.

I’ll tell you what was done.

Jose made one side of the RV into one long table and added a board to the wall of the RV into which the bookcases could be screwed into, making them very secure.

This RV is only 22 feet counting the cab so all the working parts are located under something else.  The fresh water tank is under the table just built.  On each side of the water tank are two boxes that we aren’t sure what is in them.  Maybe the water pump could be under one of them.  The water heater is on the other side under the bed,  (since I’ve fallen twice from my  ‘loft’ I’ve made my bed downstairs!). My water pump works now but I don’t need it when I’m hooked up, hope it keeps working when I need it and doesn’t need replacing cuz that could be a problem if its under the table Jose built as I don’t think he’ll be back to take it all apart !

An amazing friend I hadn’t seen in 12 years  came from Austin to Truth or

Consequences NM  to help me.  Thank you José, much appreciated.


New friends are a blessing, meet Robert, my neighbor,

making new friends at  this time of life is very special, why? Because you have less time to waste.

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