A Saturday Non-News-Worthy Afternoon Yet here I am Telling my Stories Again

I bought a small coffee pot,

That’s not very news worthy I know but at 75+ I feel like I can drink coffee again.

I’ve avoided coffee for 30 years +because of its acidity on my poor bladder but lately I feel I can drink almost anything in moderation . Moderation being the key, not drinking 3 glasses of wine with Nicky and being miserable the next day! (Thanks for the TLC Nik) So I’m testing to see if I can start my day with a cup of coffee sweetened with leche condensado like my Mother-in-law Gena, did in Panama. Get your milk and sugar with condensed milk. Yummy
About that bladder problem, I know that many friends that read here know that I have interstitial cystitis, its a nasty disease with no known etiology or cure. For most this gets worse the longer you have it but for me it has gotten better with the years and I’m hopeful that I may taper back off medications soon. Of course I’ve tried this before with the resulting flareup and had to restart but I’m still hopeful.

Some one asked me what do I do all evening?  I think, I overthink, I read a lot, I have lots of books on my iPad either from the library or amazon prime. I hesitate to purchase books because I have no space to keep them, only a few books I was sure I would read made it into the RV,  I don’t watch TV as I don’t have one, I removed the one that was here. No problem as I haven’t watched TV for about 6 years.

I read my art books, Chinese medicine books, Shakespeare,and  don Quijote de La Mancha in Spanish. I am going to read Shakespeare’s plays finally, I feel under educated to not have read them all yet. I have this big fat book of Shakespeare’s complete plays and the companion book. The companion has a chapter on no-holds Bard, a glossary of sexual slang that should be fun to read.

Miguel de Cervantes’s don Quijote de La Mancha, I’m reading  my way through don Quijote with my dictionary at my side. I have a special commemorative edition in Spanish. It has a list of words and phrases used in the back but are Spanish to Spanish so I need my Spanish to English too . Cervantes died 400 years ago is still read and respected today and is considered to have written  the most perfect  Spanish language book ever written.

Its about more than a man fighting windmills,  I had a very special friend who I remember when I think of  fighting windmills, I have a silver pin with the horse the figure and windmill given to me  by him though I doubt he would have understand or be happy to be told what it reminded me of, or why I needed it. It reminded me of a man willing to fight for what he wanted and never letting anything get in his way, kind of like I’m doing now, on a much smaller scale.


I wasn’t able to find the right AC cord for my DVD/CD player this morning and finally connected it to my small Suaoki generator with the adapter. I can charge it while using it.. listening to music
This Sylvania portable DVD player connects in multiple ways ,including the cig lighter in the truck, which is nice as my truck cab has a tape deck only, (my old truck age). Doesn’t have the best sound, but the RV has several good speakers I could probably have a DVD player installed one day, not a high priority right now.

I could have gotten some DVD’s while at Walmart yesterday but didn’t think of it. They had a big basket of them on sale. I don’t think the signal is strong enough to watch movies on line here. Haven’t seen any red boxes with rental dvd’s here.

I also have an emergency jump starter/portable power supply, the rugged geek Inteliboost that has saved me many times back when I forgot to turn out all the lights.  It charges all my electronics too. So much more efficient than needing another car to boost  the battery.
I found the cords for my little canon printer, printed a couple items from my computer. Happy to see that despite all the jostling the electronics have gotten they still work.

I also plan to walk everyday and I will ….soon.


So, you can see that  I am well prepared to live minimally while still having the basics to manage my life, keep up to date and live in modest comfort.


5 thoughts on “A Saturday Non-News-Worthy Afternoon Yet here I am Telling my Stories Again

  1. I am so happy for you. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 1995; however, the disease has gotten worse for me over the years. I started my blog to share my story. Please visit my blog and share your experience. All IC sufferers are searching for a way to go into remission. Your words could be very encouraging. Thank you for the post.


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