It’s so Windy I’m Glad I’m not Driving Anywhere Today in my RV


Wind is a great danger for RV’s semi’s and other big rigs. As I sit  here I can feel my RV moving in the wind side to side.  Makes me feel top-heavy and insecure.  I would pull over and stop driving if I was traveling. I looked to see how windy it is, 25 miles/hour now.

It’s a pernicious wind whipping around me filling the air with noxious elements, time to avoid the great outdoors. My inside wind chimes , my hanging wire basket and my hanging mugs are all moving in the wind, the chimes sound with each burst of wind and then its quiet until another burst of wind.  I like the sound.

A neighbor offered to take me to do some Wal-Mart shopping today.  I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to say no thanks so I went.  Me being passive.

I should be OK food wise for about a month, if my fridge keeps working as well as it is  on propane, I bought a bit of frozen foods but forgot the fly swatter, I have two flies tormenting me.

I bought tater tots because I’m reminded that my grandson Evan loves tater tots, I’d never bought tater tots before but looking at them reminds me of Evan, and I bought them, now when I bake them I’ll think of Evan.  I haven’t tested the oven yet but now I will.  Do you do that?  Find something you had not thought to buy  but this item reminds you of something or someone and you must have it, not for the item  itself but for the memory it offers.

I think my neighbor has my tomatoes.

I’m suffering from my fall of the other day, stiff neck and headache so according to TCM I have excessive wind syndrome,  Appropriate  right? I smell like the tiger balm I have on my neck and am using a heating pad while trying to hit the trigger points with the eraser of a pencil.  My head  and shoulder took the brunt of the impact. It hurts.

Some days I have nothing to say, my mind feels empty and lazy and I can’t spell worth a damn, but this is why I insist to write every day about something or even nothing but to fill this space, maybe I’ll develop a pattern of thoughts that I can express clearly in time, and some one will want to read it.

But my goal is to write, not to be read.