Whatever made me think I could do this?


Whatever made me think I could do this on my own? Money or lack of it made this living style a perfect solution. I have enough income living modestly to be comfortable. When I’m able to pay off my credit cards I’ll be just fine, baring any unexpected upsets that can happen anywhere.

I’m living on my own terms, free of needing help from anyone.

Freedom to pick up and go with all my worldly possessions contained in one small package. GG my Gas Guzzling RV

I’ve only been on the road for a short time and there are moments that I look around myself and wonder if this will be enough, this small space that holds everything I need, will it be enough?

How long will it be enough?

Will I get lonely?

I need to keep myself healthy and strong,

I’m already 75. I figure I’m good for at least another 5-10 years in this rig,

I love this space!.

A tailgate artist on the road.


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