The Big Picture of 2 years ago has Changed Haleluya (maybe not so much)

Being unable to see advantages in doing one thing versus another,

Being unable to see the big picture,

Being unable to hold a memory or thought  one moment to the next.

Difficulty completing a task and flipping from one project to another not completing one before starting another.

And spelling is just ridiculously difficult.

Sometimes my fingers know which key to type  before my thought processes engage so I let my fingers type the words while trying not to think too hard and confuse my fingers.

Am I worried about this situation?


I’m 73 and is general good health with the usual complaints of this age and one difficult problem I generally keep under control.  I could live many more years! MRI of my brain indicate nothing unusual happening there. I knew that.

I’m about to  improve my social skills with my pending move from one state to another.  I’ll get some adult social stimulation  to get  those ‘oh so important’ brain synapses processing properly. I haven’t done well socializing where I live now, no new friends or groups .  Socializing,  exercise , writing here regularly , all good when actually done rather than just thinking about doing.

I must do better,     FFA-A-0054

I can do better.

I will do better.

There is dementia in the family history.

This is a major social problem, some people  live too long and wear themselves out, the body lasting nearly intact while the frontal lobe shrinks and dies.

If it was just the spelling it wouldn’t be a big problem dictionaries have the spelling, but it’s finding the words to use is a huge problem. Can’t spell a word you can’t find, can’t express yourself without the proper words.

And so it goes. For two years and then the picture changes  and I go on the road.

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