Questions I ask Myself about RV living


Regrets I sometimes feel:
Buying my RV
I should have waited a little longer and gotten one not so old or needing so much upgrading.

The good thing is the low miles for its age. I paid too much and I’m needing expensive upgrades to get it to where I felt confident to drive and live in it.
Why am I having so much trouble painting the RV? I don’t like what I’ve done so far.
I need to learn about the propane why it doesn’t work? is it empty?

How does the fridge work on propane?

Where do I get it?
The dark tank is stuck, can’t empty need a new fixture? Probably an expensive fix.
Sew curtains ?
Move mattress up top?

How to start the fridge?
What do I do about the water?

Why don’t I have water,

how to clean to water tank ?

Should I switch my light bulbs?

So when I’m hooked up to a campsite I have running water but it doesn’t fill up the fresh water tank?

That is a separate tank?

What have I done to the furnace, is it recoverable?

How am I going to finish the floors, he started replacing the carpet (thank you) with wood but didn’t finish the job and all the hard parts aren’t finished.

I’ll need heat, no where is there a 70 degree temperature where I can live and not need heat or cooling.

I only have cold water, reminds me of living in Darien and waiting for the sun to heat the water before showering, that won’t happen here……..or maybe it will. But not where I am now.
A world of questions, but I’ve done difficult things before and I’ll figure all this out too.

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