Dumb things I’ve done in my RV….so far

IMG_0016Dumb things I’ve done in my RV …….so Far

1st dumb thing I paid what he asked for without a counter offer. But it was the size I thought I could manage and with the low miles on it I had to have it.
2nd dumb RV wouldn’t start it cost me $350 to have it towed to where I wanted it to be inspected (this after I bought it)
When I picked it up I asked what was wrong that it didn’t start, he looked confused and said it started just fine.

Didn’t start because I needed to turn the key farther to start the engine! It starts just fine except when I forget to turn out all the lights. It has been jumped quite a few times so far.
Talking about jumping my truck, it’s not a big deal anymore because now I have this handy devise that I can keep charged to charge my phone and with the alligator clips I can charge the truck battery too.
I’m pretty sure I’ll do more dumb stuff but now I have knowledgeable people to ask for help and while they may smile at my silly questions I know they will not laugh directly at me and will give me grains of advice that will help me grow.

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