On Homelessness

Some people say people shouldn’t sleep in their cars.  Why is that do you think,

where should they sleep is they have no home and are lucky enough to have a car to sleep in??

Now there are statutes that say it is against the law to sleep in your car.

What about sleeping in my rv?

This is my home, that doesn’t make me homeless even tho I sleep on wheels

Owners of RV parks say we should sleep in  their parks, not in the street and they charge  too much  to just sleep there overnight.

If I am homeless where can I  spend the night ?

Maybe we should be planning inexpensive housing instead of lining political pockets at the expense of the nearly homeless.

Maybe we need public bath houses with hot water and soap and potta potties for those homeless via just bad luck.

It can happen to just about anyone and is happening more often than ever, and it seems it won’t get better any time soon, our social fabric has been torn leaving many families and children  fragmented and forlorn.

What is the answer?

Close Encounters at EBay

It looks very nice inside but the information on it is very scant.  Does it need new tires?  Does it even run?  Questions to consider before hitting the bid button.
‘reserve not made’
It’s my only hope
Please someone bid higher than $9,200 I need to be outbid  before 11 hours when the bidding is over.
What was I thinking?
Was it the wine
31 feet,
I’ll be  on pins and needles until bidding is over in 11 hours.
I suppose if I  back out of this situation  ( or even be able to back up this rig, ) they won’t let me bid anymore,
E bay will be mad  the owner will be mad and I’m mad at myself.
I’d never bid or even  been on the E bay site  before my MacBook Pro died  and I needed a computer  I bought my MacBook refurbished on E-bay I didn’t know that the back light on the keys made such a difference and sent it back for a new MacBook Air, it’s fine but has a cheap cord. que pasa con Apple??
I saw where another woman, older than I, who bought her rig on E bay site unseen and is very happy with her choice.  Don’t know what her family thought about that, I’m pretty  sure what mine would think, I hope I never have to tell my kids about this,  I don’t think they read here.so I may get away with this  situation. .It would reinforce their concerns about my ability to manage living alone and driving  a RV.
I have a surprise for them,  I may not be alone.  Now  it would be nice if  it was a big strong man traveling with me to do all the tough stuff but no, she is a strong woman with whom I may be sharing the tough stuff.  She is my adventure seeking sister in-law who loves  nature, is up to take a  road less traveled,  is strong and is in the same financial situation I’m in.  Not a good place to be in at our age, life happens and here we are in a difficult pocket of time. ( not sure what that means but I like how it sounds.)
Finding a situation where there are 2 comfortable sleeping areas is a concern.  Two woman traveling together, living together need some separation and privacy but these RV’s are not made for 2 people who are not sleeping  in  the same bed.

OMG my bid has been removed and I am no longer responsible for this 31 foot  home.  Help has arrived! I thank the dealer who forgave me, he even thanked me for letting him know there was a problem.  The problem being me. I told a lie I must admit, I accused my batty Mother of making this ridiculous order, I have to watch her every moment!

The Big Picture of 2 years ago has Changed Haleluya (maybe not so much)

Being unable to see advantages in doing one thing versus another,

Being unable to see the big picture,

Being unable to hold a memory or thought  one moment to the next.

Difficulty completing a task and flipping from one project to another not completing one before starting another.

And spelling is just ridiculously difficult.

Sometimes my fingers know which key to type  before my thought processes engage so I let my fingers type the words while trying not to think too hard and confuse my fingers.

Am I worried about this situation?


I’m 73 and is general good health with the usual complaints of this age and one difficult problem I generally keep under control.  I could live many more years! MRI of my brain indicate nothing unusual happening there. I knew that.

I’m about to  improve my social skills with my pending move from one state to another.  I’ll get some adult social stimulation  to get  those ‘oh so important’ brain synapses processing properly. I haven’t done well socializing where I live now, no new friends or groups .  Socializing,  exercise , writing here regularly , all good when actually done rather than just thinking about doing.

I must do better,     FFA-A-0054

I can do better.

I will do better.

There is dementia in the family history.

This is a major social problem, some people  live too long and wear themselves out, the body lasting nearly intact while the frontal lobe shrinks and dies.

If it was just the spelling it wouldn’t be a big problem dictionaries have the spelling, but it’s finding the words to use is a huge problem. Can’t spell a word you can’t find, can’t express yourself without the proper words.

And so it goes. For two years and then the picture changes  and I go on the road.

Hello Old Lady of the Mirrors


As we age,  do we look,  feel and act differently to ourselves than we did when younger?

Do we have less expectations of ourselves as we get older.?

I asked my Mother and an Aunt, both in their late 80’s if they felt or thought any different compared to their younger selves and both said no, they felt just as they always have.

Dumb question, right answer

I’ve wondered about it because I’m not sure I could answer the same.

I sometimes feel myself diminished by my age.

I hope it is a passing artifact of life’s changes, surely I  am a reasonable woman with a healthy respect for aging, even my own.

But I greet that old woman in the mirror with a surprised smile, Hello old lady in the mirror  and I put my teeth in my mouth,  dentures being another thing we don’t talk about even early in the morning.

I sometimes have trouble finding myself.

Who am I now in this phase of life, no longer a nurse, no longer a spouse, a mother not needed and even in the way, without lover or friend.

A time to contemplate and refresh, but I find myself filling my hours with busyness.

I like making, but is it an escape from thinking  and making decisions? I need a plan.

I will find a plan,

a passion

I have a comfortable space with no real problems but those I invent in my mind.

Torn between staying in my comfort zone or reaching out for more, more opportunity more social interaction, more satisfaction, or remain where I am, where I can help my  family  while my soul dies quietly in the basement,


It Took me 6 Months to Get Moving

It took me almost 6 months but it has finally happened, I’m on the road in my 22 foot RV.

I have everything I own in this small space, between gifting, selling, and a few items with my sister this is all I have left, probably more than I need. I’m super downsized! It helps that I don’t get attached to stuff.  Now I have think about what comes next.

So far I only have planned to go to VA to visit family. While there I want to correct, clean, paint and fix everything that doesn’t function as it should before I leave again for unknown places,

I’d love to stay on the west coast where there are so many public lands that allow boondoggling.
I’m in Arkansas staying in Ron Coleman’s Mine and I ‘m going to dig for crystals and maybe take a zip ride over the mine in the morning.to get here it   took a whole tank of gas to get here but I put my trust in google maps to get me here, ( though I think I saw the same place several times!) I hoped it would be worth the gas money.

I’ve only traveled 284 miles of the 1300 miles to Fredericksburg VA,

I think I fried my inverter,  it shouted a fierce screeching noise.

What to do?

Black tank!Ugly Thoughts


Last week I took my RV to RV Specialists in Plano TX to  finally find out why the dark water tank lever wouldn’t open to be emptied.

It took 4 hours at 145.00/hr at a RV center in Plano TX to fix.  $750.00

On the  one hand I was real worried that it would be found un-fixable and then what would I do. on the other hand I had no choice but to fix it cost what it may.

A few days later I stopped at the same RV specialists to ask how to light my refrigerator because I had not been able to get it working.

The “boss” stormed out of his office and said I could have 10 minutes with a specialist.

I admit, I had ugly thoughts about this man, my RV was not welcome because it was a humble RV, nothing like those on the lot and he didn’t want to be bothered by me or my RV.

The tech was great and solved my dilemma. It was a simple thing as I suspected but propane scares me and I wanted to be sure I did it right.

My Lucky Happenstance

IMG_0016I believe I have been lucky in my choice of where to live for a time. It’s clean, nice friendly people live here and the owner is a woman to admire.

Everyday at 4:30 campers that live here meet in CJ’s home to get together and chat for a couple hours, bring what ever you like to drink and the owner provides snacks.
When it was discovered that I am an (unlicensed) acupuncturist, no body cared about  my license and I could start a business right here on a trade for services system. Mostly older people live here, (but younger than me?) they are are long time residents with multiple medical concerns. This should be fun! Now if I can get what I need in needles I’ll be all set.

Today I was fortunate to get a lift into Truth or Consequences with an interesting neighbor to see where the town is and what there is there, I see a laundry, a general store,post office, gas stations, where to get propane and a guess what….a Walmart.  I can have amazon delivered right to my rv site!

I learned a lot today.

There is a sense of community here.

I Have One Solar Panel- is it working?

IMG_0018I have one solar panel. Not sure if it is doing anything for me as I don’t know how to read the gauge. I think it is a simple thing to do but I haven’t read enough about this type of monitor to understand how to use the meter yet, but I will soon, it’s on my ‘list of things I need to learn’ soon. together with  my hot water tank, why some lights don’t light and did I ruin the whatchamacallit, does it  matter that I removed the TV?

My baby needs to be washed and waxed, that’s going to be tough to do as she is taller than I am.

GG needs repairs to the damaged exterior that I made getting too close to something.

I’ve knocked down two mailboxes and backed into a park electric and water post. That was dramatic, I was almost in tears, didn’t notice anything until I got out of the truck and saw the water spewing up in the air. I do have a backup camera but it was almost dark and didn’t help me.
I had a tire monitoring system for my tires but both men that worked on my rv laughed and said all I needed was the simple air tester and sold me an extra long one to reach the inside tires.

One less thing to think about, plus I have brand new tires.

Questions I ask Myself about RV living


Regrets I sometimes feel:
Buying my RV
I should have waited a little longer and gotten one not so old or needing so much upgrading.

The good thing is the low miles for its age. I paid too much and I’m needing expensive upgrades to get it to where I felt confident to drive and live in it.
Why am I having so much trouble painting the RV? I don’t like what I’ve done so far.
I need to learn about the propane why it doesn’t work? is it empty?

How does the fridge work on propane?

Where do I get it?
The dark tank is stuck, can’t empty need a new fixture? Probably an expensive fix.
Sew curtains ?
Move mattress up top?

How to start the fridge?
What do I do about the water?

Why don’t I have water,

how to clean to water tank ?

Should I switch my light bulbs?

So when I’m hooked up to a campsite I have running water but it doesn’t fill up the fresh water tank?

That is a separate tank?

What have I done to the furnace, is it recoverable?

How am I going to finish the floors, he started replacing the carpet (thank you) with wood but didn’t finish the job and all the hard parts aren’t finished.

I’ll need heat, no where is there a 70 degree temperature where I can live and not need heat or cooling.

I only have cold water, reminds me of living in Darien and waiting for the sun to heat the water before showering, that won’t happen here……..or maybe it will. But not where I am now.
A world of questions, but I’ve done difficult things before and I’ll figure all this out too.