Am I Loving It Yet? Almost


So far I have had work done on the engine, alignment, brakes, new tires, a solar panel, a back up camera,  and so many more things to get my rv road ready.

Then I worked on the inside, painting  removing what I found to be the most uncomfortable coach/bed I’ve ever laid upon to make room for book shelves and storage.

Then I ordered some Indian fabrics for the windows and removed the table and bench system to make it a comfortable lounge day  space.

Next I need to work on the exterior, get those doors replaced, wash and wax it, fill in crackles and more.

Am I loving it?

I think so but I’d love it better if everything worked, I’d like hot water and I wish the fridge worked as it did before i switched to electric and it stopped working it was so cold it frosted both the fridge and the freezer.

I didn’t expect it to get so cold here but I’ve figured out why my electric blanket wasn’t heating so last night I was plenty warm and look forward to going to my warmed bed. (it was plugged in backwards)

Tomorrow I will get back to work on my floor I want to add my tiles to see how it looks so I can get rid of all the cans and bottles and mess needed to do the work……….

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