I Loved Him for a Moment


I loved him for a moment until the common senses arrived.

walk behind me he said, you will be safe there.

why are you walking behind him they asked

because he asked me to, to be safe

you are a fool, he wants to control you, not  protect you

I know, said I with a foolish smile

How can you think you love him

he is not appropriate for you

He will hurt you

But it was only for a moment

How can he hurt me

He is far away and he has no will to hurt me.

He will hurt your heart

your dignity

He will ask much and give little

yet I do not step away from heart-break.  IF  my heart is broken

it means I have felt love, the most beautiful pain of all

Renounce a love that might have been fearless

is to be a coward, afraid to love

Who are you

Have you never been struck by unsuspected love

Even for a moment?

Be fearless and grab for heartbreaking love

It’s the only way a heart can be broken yet heal to love again.

Am I Loving It Yet? Almost


So far I have had work done on the engine, alignment, brakes, new tires, a solar panel, a back up camera,  and so many more things to get my rv road ready.

Then I worked on the inside, painting  removing what I found to be the most uncomfortable coach/bed I’ve ever laid upon to make room for book shelves and storage.

Then I ordered some Indian fabrics for the windows and removed the table and bench system to make it a comfortable lounge day  space.

Next I need to work on the exterior, get those doors replaced, wash and wax it, fill in crackles and more.

Am I loving it?

I think so but I’d love it better if everything worked, I’d like hot water and I wish the fridge worked as it did before i switched to electric and it stopped working it was so cold it frosted both the fridge and the freezer.

I didn’t expect it to get so cold here but I’ve figured out why my electric blanket wasn’t heating so last night I was plenty warm and look forward to going to my warmed bed. (it was plugged in backwards)

Tomorrow I will get back to work on my floor I want to add my tiles to see how it looks so I can get rid of all the cans and bottles and mess needed to do the work……….