On the Road Again………Sisters


Doesn’t this picture make you smile?

It does me every time I see it!  That’s my sister Shar and I with the breeze in our hair having fun on our get out of town vacation.  We grabbed some time and in her new car drove to Santa Fe NM because we could. We made some stops along the way and wish we’d planned our days to spend more time in Santa Fe and Taos and less in Madrid but it was an adventure not soon forgotten….well forgotten, not sure I can say that as I am forgetting details already, but the feeling of sisterhood will never be forgotten, always fondly remembered.

You know that I lived outside of the USA for 30 years and so never had the sense of sisterhood with my two wonderful sisters and it is just now, as an old lady that I appreciate being a sister to them and them to me. (okay I have been in the US now for another nearly 30 years and that makes me…really old)

We stayed in Madrid in IMG_7355a  cute IMG_4216 little prefab house for 3 nights expecting to see more activity in the town than we did ( I bought a pretty silver ring to replace my lost favorite silver ring ) what we will surely remember there was the really awful tasting water, really stinky water, we were warned and it really will be an unforgettable  part of our trip cuz we didn’t really want to even bathe in it. One large room, a bed and a really uncomfortable couch we took turns sleeping on we were able to walk to downtown to see the shops. The IMG_7394Street was crowded with people here for the balloon fest in Albuquerque.  We didn’t know about the balloon fair when we planned our trip but we were in the right place at the right time and got up at 4am to get to the events.  It was worth it. Next stop Santa Fe.IMG_7413