Looking back……2017

I’ve had some changes in the past year that I think has been pretty good for me.  A year older for sure, I wish I had not waited so long to make changes. Feelings of restlessness, of being pretty sure that I was not finished learning new things, about myself and about the world I’d created around me

IMG_0007_2 (my painting)

I had been living in Austin while studinging Chinese Medicinefinishing up credits to take my RN boards, passing both and working in a Doctors office doing triage and some acupuncture.  It was a busy time that I should have been just studying not working because the concepts of Chinese medicine are quite different from western medicine and not easy for a person versed in our style of medicine to grasp. So I  benefited during those 3 years of study, enjoyed my Professor Bindi Zhu and was successful treating patients but never completely used my new skills.  I went back to nursing doing home care and finally began the highlight of my nursing experience in Hospice Care.

When my daughter had her first child I quit my job and sold my home and went to Florida to help,  I continued to do so until last year. I lived close by in a condo while in Florida and in their basements in Virgina  About 12 years in all.  And it was fine, wonderful in fact, but then the boys grew up, didn’t need so much hands-on attention, were involved in sports and middle school I became a chauffeur.

It was time for me to move on, at least for awhile, while I still can. I’m already 75!

My lovely sister said to come back to Texas and I did.  Some tears shed on both sides of the windshield both my daughter’s tears and mine.

I moved into a one bedroom apartment in Plano TX  for a year and found that my income would soon not be enough when the rent went up as it always does each year. My sister saved me again with an offer to live with them for a while, saving money for my next move.

I was painting and selling my work at craft fairs, even bought a tent and tables all the stuff needed to attend Saturday farmers markets but this is physically challenging for me plus  I’m not very good at selling and managing the business.  My sister is stronger (and 6 years younger) but she became less enthusiastic quickly. I understand and so I bought a printer that I can make prints of my paintings and sell online someday, maybe.

Sold the printer as I would not be able to take it in my RV, too heavy  too big so that info has been deleted here

Living with my sister and husband for the past 4 months have been a perfect interlude but I can’t stay here forever so I am making new plans.

FFA-L-0027   I’ll share the thought process here,