Only a touch of Despair….

I lose my train of thought


but I’m ready to be an old lady  (ready or not)

only a touch of despair appears on occasion when I am reminded

that I am anIMG_5575 old lady.

why is this ( being an old lady) a negative?

when I forget

when I misplace

when I lose my password  for google  ( yup)

especially when I can’t find my words

like now

not being noticed can be a huge positive.

  A nurse said to me during a visit “when I get old I won’t shave my legs”  then she said ‘I can’t believe I said that to you! Not a gracious thing to say to an old woman she is attending when she is much younger. No offense taken. So really……

Why should I have to shave my legs?  I look down at my hairy legs and feel like a rebel not bowing to convention and shaving them. At 75 no one cares if I shave my legs and now I don’t care either, though it took a little getting used to seeing them, so ingrained in our culture, we must have smooth hairless skin.  It’s these little annoyances that make me wonder if we have things right or if there are better ways to spend our lives.   And I’m usually in pants anyway, actually, if I wore more dresses I would probably shave them while feeling guilty at ..oh hell

Live out your fantasy,  be who you are, not who you are expected to be, surprise yourself.  I did!  I am an artist, a painter  I never thought to paint and now it is my perfect retired lady project. I’m very fortunate and have the almost perfect opportunity to follow my own advice. And what is my advice?  Just be there, pay attention to what makes you feel good and then find ways to do it.

Tomorrow is another day

until it’s not.

Practise what you teach!