Thoughts of a 75-year-old woman on popular fashion, my sold painting & the weather

Sold, the one with three swings in pastels. Swings and hammocks are a popular theme and I like painting them so I’ll paint some more.

It was cold for the morning set up and got colder in the afternoon and the wind made it feel like the 49 degrees it was.  I was shivering and wondering at the people in shorts and flip-flops.  But what really got my attention were some of the women in tights, they seem to be the latest fashion statement taken too far.  If you have a fat behind (you know who you are) you should check yourself out in the mirror before showing it to all leaving little to the imagination.  Maybe my being 75 years old and not one that troubles herself overmuch with personal presentation leads me to these thoughts, but of those women, I watched today  I would guess about 30% looked good in their tights while the rest needed more coverage.  It was an interesting people watching day at the market

Shar’s rocks continue to be a popular item but we need to make more and more rocks!